About the awards

The Smarter Working Wellbeing Awards recognise suppliers in the business travel sector who make take significant steps to improve traveller wellbeing. 

In creating the awards, we aim to not only help raise awareness of the importance of mental health and wellbeing among business travellers but to raise the bar in wellbeing offerings from all suppliers.

As a travel management company with dedicated expertise in wellbeing, we know that the ‘trip environment’ is critical to people’s health, happiness and productivity There is much that hotels, rail companies, airlines and other partners can do so that travellers can help themselves to look after themselves when on the road.

Industry suppliers are hungry to do everything they can to support traveller wellbeing; organisations and their business travellers alike want to make better choices so that they can be active, connect and be at their best for work. The Smarter Working Wellbeing Awards celebrate the important work that is being one in this area.


Why enter?

We welcome entries from all industry suppliers who are committed to improving the health and wellbeing of business travellers. Our judges recognise all initiatives and improvement, no matter the size and budget of the organisation.

Winning a Smarter Working Wellbeing Award will provide your organisation with:

  • An excellent platform to showcase your unique initiative the steps you have taken and the impact it is having.

  • Recognition of your organisation’s achievements in improving traveller wellbeing and how seriously you take it.

  • A winner’s logo, certificate, subsequent publicity and promotion on Capita Travel and Events marketing platforms.


What the judges look for

Award submissions will be assessed by a panel of independent judges. Comprising leading business travel professionals, wellbeing experts and representatives from corporate customers and travellers. The panel will assess all eligible applications on the following criteria.

1. Aims, Objectives, and Achievement
The aims and objectives of the UK based initiative(s) must be supported by clear evidence of the beneficial effect that the initiative(s) has had on the wellbeing of travellers. Judges will be looking for evidence of the impact from both quantitatively data (e.g. stats) and qualitative data (e.g. traveller feedback). For the first awards (2020) we allow the inclusion of initiative(s) from previous years, but evidence must be based on 2019 results.

2. Use of ‘The Five Ways to Wellbeing when Travelling for Work Framework
Research has established the critical factors that support wellbeing. We use this framework to make improvements to traveller wellbeing.


They are:

  • Be active. Can you be active and healthy when travelling?

  • Connect. Can you maintain even enhance your social relationships when travelling?

  • Be at your best. When travelling can you be at your best for work?

  • Learn. Do you feel that you learn when you travel for work?

  • Give. Do you feel that business travel enables you to contribute?

In your submission, please state how your initiative(s) supports one or more of these factors, i.e. how it helps business travellers be more active, be at their best, connect with family, learn and contribute.

3. Smarter Working Approach
Smarter working is all about helping business travellers to think and choose better by using psychological understanding, data insights and technology. Where possible, submissions should include evidence of how these tools or approaches have been used to improve traveller’s wellbeing.

4. Influence and Inspire
Evidence of how your initiative(s) has played a key role in influencing your organisation’s success. This could extend to how it could influence and inspire the customers, community and/or the business travel industry.


How to enter

  • Before submitting an entry, please ensure you read the judging criteria How to win what the judges are looking for and Rules of entry.

  • Please ensure you submit a separate entry form for every initiative, with a maximum of two entries per supplier.


  • All entries must be submitted online.

  • Opening date for applications is 09:00 on Friday 11th October 2019.

  • Closing date for receiving entries is 17:00 on Monday 10th January 2020.

  • We ask all entrants to supply at least one company logo.

  • Your entry can be supported by up to five pieces of supporting material, including printed literature, case studies, photographs, testimonials or media coverage. Each piece of supporting
    material must not exceed 10MB.

  • Winners will be announced at the drinks reception on the 6th February 2020. 


Rules of entry

1. Entry in to the award is free of charge.

2. The awards are open to all industry suppliers of the business travel sector irrespective of
your involvement and contract with Capita Travel and Events , that have a substantial base
in the UK, or where the product or service is marketed to business travellers only (not
leisure travellers) within the UK. Even it is part of a global company, the entry must only
reference any initiative (s) that has taken place in the.

3. Opening date for applications is 09:00 on Friday 11th October 2019.

4. Closing date for receiving entries is 17:00 on Monday 10th January 2020.
5. For your entry to be accepted, you must select a category and complete the official entry form.

6. Initiatives entered by company should include demonstrable results from 2018 to 2019.
Any initiative developed and implemented prior to this period are eligible provided the
impact of initiatives are still running at the time of submission.

7. Our in house expert s in business travel, psychology and traveller wellbeing are available to
any supplier who wishes to discuss and shape their wellbeing initiatives. If you would like
to discuss your initiative, please write us an email to smarterworking@capita.com
detail about the initiative and your questions. Please also include Smarter Working
Initiative’ in the subject line.

8. A maximum of two entries are allowed per company. If you submit an entry for more than
one category, please note that very similar or identical information cannot be used to
enter multiple categories. Please ensure that you choose the most appropriate category.
The judging panel reserves the right to move a submission to another category if they
believe it is a more appropriate fit.

9. Your entry can be supported with up to five pieces of supporting material. Supporting
material may include printed literature, case studies, photographs, testimonials or media
coverage. Please ensure all material is clearly labelled and referenced to the entry form.

10. The judging panel reserves the right to confirm the accuracy of the information provided
in the entry form.

11. All materials will remain confidential to the judges and will not be discussed outside the
judging session. Judges will receive a list of entrants and campaign titles before viewing
individual entry forms and agree to remove themselves from judging that category should
they deem any conflict of interest.

12. Winners will be announced at the drinks reception (6th of February 2020). Details will be
communicated nearer the time.

13. Entrants must agree to co operate with Capita Travel and Events, who may wish to
publicise entries through the use of social media, case studies, website, specific media
articles and events. Commercial sensitivity will always be respected. If there is anything that
you do not wish to be published please email: smarterworking@capita.co.uk

14. We expect to receive a high volume of submissions. Unfortunately, we are unable to
provide feedback on unsuccessful entries.


Tips for a successful entry

What matters is your improvement…
This competition is open for organisation of any size to submit their initiatives and improvements in travellers’ wellbeing. Remember, no effort is too small to make a difference!

Prepare your award-winning story
Gather all your stakeholders together and do some brainstorming to pick the initiative(s) that scores highly on the category you wish to enter. It may not be the one that jumped to mind first but it will may just be the one most likely to crown you the winner.

Answer every question and stick to the word limit
Carefully read every question to have a better understanding of how you should respond before you start writing your answers. Awards applications often require word limit for each response. It’s important not to go over this limit because the online application will usually not allow you to write any more then they have allocated.

Make sure you answer all the questions on the award application as an incomplete form may not be accepted by the award judges.

Allocate your time efficiently
Time is essential to the success of your award submission. Give yourself a couple of weeks prior to the submission deadline so you are not rushed when drafting your responses. By giving yourself enough time to complete your submissions, you are able to answer the questions to the best of your ability.

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