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Company: Village Hotels

Your Full Name: Jamie Hunter

How did it feel to be named the winner?

We are extremely proud to have been named the winner. It was so satisfying to read the judges’ comments and be recognised for something that we are all so passionate about here at Village Hotels.

Why did you enter the awards?

We entered because the topic is so important, and over the past two years this is something as a brand that we have really thought about in all areas of our business and made some very impactful changes.

Tell us about the work you did to clinch the award?

Firstly, we took a day away from our desks and came together collectively to really think about what we do and what we have learnt from our travellers. This in itself was really refreshing, as it made us really think about what we have to offer. The judging panel allowed us to creatively look at the five key topics. In the end we didn’t do one project, as we had so much to articulate. From the initial planning day, another two days were spent putting the presentation together and gathering various examples from our core 31 hotels.

What impact has winning this award has on the company?

An extremely positive impact. We have shared this with not just our owners KSL, but all teams across all departments within the 31 hotels. It has cemented with everyone internally that what we offer, how we approach any guest/member to walk through our front door counts and that we should be proud to be Team Village.

We will continue to strive to be the best offering for Smarter working in Accommodation.

We will continue to grow and go the extra mile with our offering.

We will, most importantly, remember wellbeing is crucial for both external and internal.

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Mercure Nottingham Sherwood Hotel

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