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Company: Lime Venue Portfolio

Your Full Name: Kerry Wright

How did it feel to be named the winner?

We’re all incredibly proud; this is the first real recognition the Beyond Food report has had, and it’s important to our wider objectives for the project that it gains reach, and more importantly critical acceptance. Winning a Smarter Working Wellbeing Award shows that the project has been recognised by an incredibly credible organisation that shares our passion for strong ethical business behaviour.

Why did you enter the awards?

We really believe in this project, and what it has already achieved for the industry. However, outside of the column inches and our own internal passion for the project, we wanted to see if others recognised what we were trying to do. Entering this award was a way for us to find out and pitch it against some other outstanding work that is already being done.

Tell us about the work you did to clinch the award?

We wanted to be honest first and foremost. We wanted to lay out our contention that food has a critical role to play in the health and happiness of individuals, communities and the planet. We wanted to show the judges that we, as a business, take this seriously enough to create a report that is for everyone, and through it, try to change behaviours in the meetings and events industry.

After that we had the evidence, the feedback from customers, clients, delegates and opinion leaders within the industry to reinforce our argument, in a compelling way.

We work hard at any award we look to enter. We want to sell our work to the judges, try and convey our passion for the project and to convince them of why we do things, not just what we did.

What impact has winning this award has on the company?

Everyone is thrilled! We’re an enthusiastic bunch at the best of times, but we’re also keen to share in each other’s successes and this was a really motivational moment for everyone. We always believed this project deserved recognition, but from such a prestigious place, this was really something. It has made us even more confident and proud of the work we’re doing, and we’re hungry to push it forward and do as much good as we can for the industry.

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